Project Description

The UNC Kenan Laboratory Building was originally constructed in the 1960’s, and has been utilized over the past 50 years for scientific graduate instruction and research. This project was a renovation of four separate laboratories on two separate floors. The building was fully occupied by professors and graduate programs during the renovation, and was separated into two phases to reduce the impact to the academic calendar. The existing laboratories were heavily contaminated with asbestos, mercury, and numerous hazardous chemicals that had been spread during research. The construction team removed and contained the laboratory equipment and fumehoods followed by complete decontamination of the lab space. The renovated labs feature new scientific casework, equipment, fumehoods, and open, bright work areas with epoxy-paint floors, exposed stainless steel ductwork, and painted concrete walls and ceilings.

Contract Amount: $1.4 Million
Owner: University of North Carolina
Year Completed: 2013