Hoke County Jail Addition

Construction of a 37,750sf law enforcement center consisting of a single story masonry building with steel frame and a two-story area with security housing, kitchen, offices, and the Sheriff’s office. Contract Amount: $7.8 Million Owner: Hoke County Year Completed: 2008

Sampson County Law Enforcement Center

New 80,000sf steel frame, brick veneer building with security housing, booking with vehicular sallyport, a fully equipped kitchen, Magistrate offices, the Sheriff’s offices and a full detention security electrical system with pneumatic hardware. This project included extensive sitework, including utilities, new roadway, and landscaping. Contract Amount: $9.2 Million Owner: Sampson County Year Completed: 2007

Richmond County Judicial Center

New 5-story 70,000sf building with steel frame, and masonry exterior. This project is located in downtown Rockingham on a tight site with extensive sitework and concrete retaining walls. The building provides 5 courtrooms, judges’ chambers, jury rooms, offices for the Clerk of Court and bailiffs, four elevators with security features, a mobile storage shelving, and [...]

Orange County Justice Expansion

3-story, 47,000sf addition to the Orange County Courthouse Building. The addition houses the sheriff’s office, clerk of court office, and two new courtrooms. The mechanical system incorporates a geothermal well field to lower operating costs. The renovation areas feature a complete asbestos abatement of the existing 30,000sf courthouse building with new mechanical, electrical, plumbing and [...]

Brunswick County Detention Center

A new, 280 bed, 68,000sf detention center in Bolivia, North Carolina. The project features large dayrooms and elevated mezzanines with center operated control rooms allowing the county to cut costs by using minimal security staffing to supervise the facility. The facility has the capacity to house both male and female inmates along with the custodial [...]

Montgomery County Jail

New 31,910sf jail containing 60 housing units, booking/intake with vehicular sallyport, a medical unit, a food warming area, laundry, Magistrate’s office and public lobby with administrative areas.

Harnett County Detention Center

New 106,562sf Jail and Law Enforcement Center. The jail is a 300 bed facility consisting of a booking area with vehicular sally port, medical wing, full kitchen and laundry, Magistrates office and administration offices. The Law Enforcement Center is a two story building which houses a vehicle bay, armory, evidence storage, labs and locker room [...]

Chatham County Detention Center

A 65,000sf detention center with housing for up to 120 inmates.