At Bordeaux Construction, we feel that including us on the Project Team during the design phase that we can take the project to another level of success. We feel that no one knows better than us to foresee potential problems in a project during the design phase. We are faced with solving many of these problems day in and day out during construction. We are confident that our estimating, scheduling, and design phase cost analysis are up-to-date and accurate because they are the same processes that we use in a competitive bid environment. As part of the Design Phase Project Team, we will work with the designer and owner to value engineer the project, project constructability reviews, and help foresee any problems that may arise in the quality and safety.


  • Construction will go smoother and cost will be more accurate
  • A team atmosphere is created so that the wants and needs of the owner can be fulfilled more accurately.
  • Project can be value engineered to avoid unwanted budgetary surprises.

Competitive Bid

In this delivery method, the designer and the owner collaborate and design the project. Construction Documents are then made available to bidders. We prepare a competitive quote based on the bid documents. If Bordeaux Construction is determined the low bidder after awards are received, we will plan, manage, and execute construction using our own labor and proven, qualified subcontractors from breaking ground through to project completion. The majority of work that Bordeaux performs is competitively bid.


  • Lowest initial price
  • Potential for change orders and claims is high
  • No contract involvement in the design phase
  • Final price is unknown

CM at Risk

In this delivery method, Bordeaux Construction is brought on board during the design phase. Depending on the project, we can provide conceptual estimates during 30%, 60%, 90% and 100% drawing phases. We provide the designer cost and constructability feedback during the design phase to provide a cost efficient and buildable product. A significant portion of the preconstruction services include qualifying subcontractors and issuing bid packages. Using extensive local knowledge of industry standards, we can minimize owner incurred change orders due to gaps in specifications. Guaranteed budget, Guaranteed schedule.


  • Offers owner opportunity to select construction organization by qualifications and past performance.
  • Provides a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP), definite schedule
  • Minimizes Change Orders

Post Construction Services

At Bordeaux Construction, we strive to provide a top quality product within budget and within schedule. While we hope that all of our projects will never need any additional service, we realize unforeseen events DO happen. For this reason, Bordeaux Construction will continue to monitor the project throughout its warranty period(s) and we will conduct a “1 year warranty walk through” to ensure that you have a fully functional facility that has met all of your needs and expectations.